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Who and What is EVA
Our Story
The Coming Together of Our Initial Concepts
The DeKalb County Commission Reaches an Historic Decision
Board of Directors
Advisory Board
Committee Members
Meeting Minutes

Who and What Is EVA?

The Emory Village Alliance (founded as the Alliance to Improve Emory Village) is a small, all-volunteer, non-profit community organization with one goal: to continue revitalizing the historic, commercial heart of Druid Hills in Emory Village. We are an alliance of various stakeholders including local neighbors, Emory Village businesses and property owners, and representatives from Emory University. We recognize that revitalization can only be accomplished if the Village becomes a community gathering spot that is popular with patrons and profitable for its businesses and property owners. We also recognize Druid Hills residents and Emory University must be supportive of revitalization efforts.

EVA is committed to achieving the best possible balance between historic preservation and commercial success, as well as between public safety, traffic enhancements, and creating a pedestrian-friendly Village.
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Our Story

In 1999 - concerned over the declining state of Emory Village - a small group of Druid Hills Civic Association (DHCA) members, neighbors, Emory Village businesses/property owners and representatives from Emory University formed a steering committee. Its sole purpose was to develop ideas to improve the Village's future.

Today that committee has become a unique alliance representing these different stakeholders. Beginning with a series of community input sessions, we asked for wide-ranging recommendations, refined them, and made initial recommendations to implement them.

In 2001, AIEV became a non-profit organization, and was fortunate to receive expertise in urban design funded by Emory, DeKalb County and nominal seed money from DHCA.
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The Coming Together of Our Initial Concepts

Over the ensuing years, our proposals coalesced into a detailed plan that addressed every facet of the Village's revitalization - from street and traffic improvements to business and residential redevelopment - all of which will lead toward the Village's ongoing commercial success. What we envisioned, and the community endorsed, was a live-work-play concept with new apartment/condo housing above retail and office spaces.

In fact, our original mission statement still holds true today, after nearly a decade of work. Our only goal is:

To create a safe, economically viable, walkable and compact mixed-use
community that is compatible with and a resource to the historic
Druid Hills neighborhoods and Emory University.

In 2003, the Emory Village Revitalization Plan achieved designation as a "Livable Center" by the Atlanta Regional Commission and received a $2.1 million grant for use primarily to fund public improvements, such as the streetscape enhancements. The plan also attracted nearly $1 million in matching funds from DeKalb County for traffic, street and pedestrian improvements - including a roundabout to replace the Village's congested main intersection.

In 2006, AIEV submitted zoning overlay and design guidelines to the Dekalb County Historic Preservation Commission, which unanimously approved them.
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The DeKalb County Commission Reaches an Historic Decision

In early 2007, AIEV submitted the zoning overlay and guidelines to the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners. Over the next several months, the commissioners listened to extensive community input regarding new building heights, density and setbacks, all of which were necessitated by redevelopment costs.

In May 2007, the commissioners unanimously approved AIEV's zoning overlay and design guidelines, thus setting a new direction for Emory Village - one that will create a community commercial center that is economically viable and in the best long-term interests of Druid Hills residents, Emory Village and Emory University.

Now the Emory Village Alliance, as well as thousands of residents and Emory personnel, are enjoying DeKalb County streetscape improvements and are safely navigating the new roundabout. Almost 40 trees have been planted thoughout the Village, and a fountain and sculpture now grace the new Emory Village Plaza, which has become the welcoming centerpiece of the village.

In 2014, the Board of Directors voted to change the name to Emory Village Alliance. EVA continues to explore opportunities to improve public spaces including expanding the boundaries of the revitalization area. We also aim to nurture and support private sector development, support community events in the Village, and encourage strong community and business engagement.

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Our Board of Directors

2014 EVA Board meetings are held on the second Monday of every month at 4:30 pm. at various sites in and around Emory Village.


Chair -David Payne - Emory
Vice chair - George Bacso -rise n dine
Secretary - Lois Berthaume (former chair) - Druid Hills resident
Treasurer - Leah Antoniazzi - Emory Barnes & Noble

Board members representing the residents of Druid Hills

Becky Evans
Mark Goldman
Marlene Goldman
Bill Gryboski
Todd Hill
Cynthia Tauxe

Board members representing Emory Village

Steffini Bethea - Purple Corkscrew
Hunter Jefferson - Ink & Elm
Stuart Meddin - Emory Village property owner
Shane Mixon – Owner of Saba Restaurant

Advisory Board Members

Rachel Barrueta - Emory Barnes & Noble
Jennifer Fabrik - Emory University Architect
Kathie Gannon - DeKalb County Commissioner
Perry Mitchell - Druid Hills Resident
Stephanie Panek - Owner, Rise n Dine
Kelli Owens - Purple Corkscrew
Sally Sears Belcher - Druid Hills Resident
Clarke Weeks - Druid Hills Resident
Betty Willis - Emory University Government and Community Affairs
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EVA Committees/Members

All committees need and welcome volunteer participation.

Executive Committee
This committee is authorized to make decisions on behalf of the Board when necessary. It is also responsible for Board operations and finance.

David Payne - Chair
Todd Hill –Immediate Past Chair
Leah Antionazzi – Treasurer
Lois Berthaume --Secretary
Stuart Meddin - Former Chair

Communications/Community Building Committee
Charged with communication with our stakeholders and broader audiences as needed and with community building. It organizes the Alliance’s efforts in gathering input from stakeholders and in nurturing community spirit by sponsoring events in the Village

Marlene Goldman – co-chair
David Payne – co-chair
Leah Antoniazzi
George Bacso
Krista Tremblay
Sally Sears Belcher
Becky Evans
Shane Mixon
Stephanie Panek
Perry Mitchell

Park Committee
This group developed and oversees the Emory Village Plaza.

Todd Hill – committee chair
Jen Fabrick
Davis Fox
Mark Goldman
Doug Grimm (Druid Hills Civic Association representative)
James Johnson (community Member)
Cynthia Tauxe

Fundraising Committee
Lois Berthaume
Steffini Bethea
Sally Sears Belcher
Becky Evans
Marlene Goldman
Shane Mixon
Leah Antoniazzi
Clarke Weeks
Betty Willis

Project Management and Zoning/Design Guidelines Committee
This committee spearheaded development of the revitalization plan for Emory Village and remains abreast of the various design, engineering, and construction efforts underway monitoring progress and facilitating communication among those providing services and resources where needed.

Cynthia Tauxe – chair
Jen Fabrick
Mark Goldman
Todd Hill
Stuart Meddin

Greenspace Committee
Sally Sears Belcher - Chair
Becky Evans,
Davis Fox,
Warner McConaughey (community member)
Stephanie Panek
David Payne
Paul Weathersby (community member)
Clarke Weeks

Parking and Transportation Committee
George Bacso- Chair
Lois Berthaume
Steffini Bethea
Stuart Meddin
Cynthia Tauxe

Village Maintenance Committee
Bill Gryboski - Chair
Nathan Hartman
Lois Berthaume

Celebration Committee
Shane Mixon
David Payne
Stephanie Panek
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Minutes, EVA Board of Directors








2006-2009 Minutes (pdf)

2003-2005 Minutes (pdf)
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